About Big Brother Stardoll

Big Brother Stardoll is the Stardoll version of the infamous reality TV franchise Big BrotherThe show follows 15 contestants/housemates who are taken away from the big wide world of Stardoll for 1 week. Every 2 days 3 housemates will be evicted via a public vote, with the last housemate remaining winning a very special grand prize which will be revealed on the first set of evictions. Obviously with reality TV there is bound to be a lot of drama going on in the house! After all there is 15 VERY different personalities going to be entering and it's safe to say I'm excited to see it all go off. 

How it will work:
Big Brother will invite 15 housemates into the Big Brother Mansion and will add you all into a group chat which will be active for the course of 7 days. Big Brother  will then often single someone out and tell them to say/do something to one of the other housemates, which of course, will remain in secrecy until Big Brother says so! Big Brother will also set a number of different tasks throughout the duration of the 7 days. 

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